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frequently asked questions

feel free to email for any questions you have that aren't listed here!

how do i store my play dough?

store your play dough in the container, with lid firmly closed, in a cool dark spot or even in the refrigerator. if some salt crystallisation occurs over time, simply rehydrate your dough by wetting one hand and kneading it until soft again.

how long will my play dough last?

our doughs are homemade with all-natural ingredients so should last about 6 months if well looked after.

all our dyes are botanical so some discolouration may occur over time, store in the refrigerator to avoid discolouration. the matcha green dough as part of our garden kit must be stored in the refrigerator.

is it okay is my child eats the dough?

our play dough doesn’t contain any inedible ingredients, it is 100% natural. salt is used to preserve the dough so children won’t want to eat much of it after a little taste anyway.

what age are the play dough kits for?

the play dough itself is made of 100% natural ingredients but due to the small parts that come with the kit we don’t recommend them for children under the age of 4, or any children who like to explore new items using their mouth. adult supervision is recommended.

can i refund or exchange my kit?

if you are not happy with your kit we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on unused purchases within 30 days of delivery. we just ask that you pay the return shipping.

please note: your dough will dry out, due to its natural properties it is not intended to last forever. if your dough has been opened and played with we cannot accept returns for any reason, including drying out

we provide exchanges for unused products. please note, you will be required to cover return shipping costs.

please email to process a refund or exchange.

how long will my kit take to ship?

our dough is handmade to order so please allow 1-2 business days before dispatch. after dispatch shipping time is roughly 2-4 business days and costs $30. we currently only ship within hong kong.

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