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the butterflies are fluttering, the flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing...  immerse your little one in a blissful summer garden experience! let their imaginations run wild and free as they create their own garden dioramas as well as beautiful flower arrangements.


summer garden play dough kit

HK$210.00 Regular Price
HK$125.00Sale Price
  • our super-soft play dough is homemade with all-natural ingredients and coloured using botanical dyes. all our kits come with a cute little wooden rolling pin, a muslin bag to keep the little parts together and a screw top container to keep the dough fresh.


    please note: as this dough is coloured with matcha, it must be stored in the refridgerator to avoid discolouration


    this kit comes with:

    • matcha green play dough (250g)

    • plant pots

    • variety of flowers

    • variety of greenery

    • wooden ladybirds, bumble bees & butterflies

    • wooden fence pieces

    • stones

    • wood slices

    • wooden rolling pin

    • muslin bag

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