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this kit is sweeter than honey! inspired by my wonderful mum who keeps bees in her back garden. saving the bees will save the planet! your little one can create their own bumble bee world and start conversations about what bees do to help keep our precious eco-system going.

busy bee play dough kit

  • our super-soft play dough is homemade with all-natural ingredients and coloured using botanical dyes. all our kits come with a cute little wooden rolling pin, a muslin bag to keep the little parts together and a screw top container to keep the dough fresh.


    this kit comes with:

    • yellow play dough (250g)
    • glass "honey" pebbles
    • wooden hexagons
    • wooden honey stick
    • bumble bees
    • daisies & sunflowers
    • golden pipe cleaners & sequins
    • sheet of "honeycomb"
    • wooden rolling pin
    • muslin bag
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